I'm Dario Bernardi a 41 something old amateur photographer. What you see here, I do for a hobby. In my professional life I define myself very broadly as a digital strategist where I'm trying to make sure that systems, campaigns, interfaces, language and graphics are emotive, pleasing, on-brand, human friendly - and do actually work. See my professional website here.

I'm lucky enough to have travelled intensively throughout the world which has enabled me to take home one or the other pretty picture.

I love travelling, food, photography, video games, graphic design, my wife, geek stuff, music, the internet, lots of wires at home, my sonos, my music library, my friends, my camera and my 50mm f1.4. But not necessarily in that order.

Me.A shot taken by my wonderful wife, who seems to be the better photographer than myself!

My casual photography can be found on instagram.