Cascais & Lisbon, Portugal




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Pictures from the small town Cascais just outside of Lisbon, Portugals remarcable capital city. Also featured are some shots from Lisbon itself, which is a very fotogenic subject as it is very very pretty.

Red flags

Red flags on a square of Cascais. Taken in the late afternoon, a mother is walking home her kid.

Ready for take off

A portuguese seagull preparing for take off! This shot is actually a pretty cool one, as it was taken at only 16mm focal length. This means, that I must have been not more distant than a couple of cm!

Palm shadows

A group of teenagers enjoying the last hours of the afternoon in the shadows of palmtrees on a Cascais beach.

Unravel this!

Another shot viewed from the little hill newar the Pousada of Cascais downwards the sea in direction of the town beaches.

Cool dudes

A group of cool dudes walking home after spending the afternoon on the beach.

Tiled house

A common view in Portugal are houses full of tiles. Rather than painting them, the locals prefer to tile them in order to make their house facades more resistable against the abrasive salt from the the windy atlantic ocean.

Yellow tourist

A yellow dressed tourist missing an interesting spot in the old town of Cascais.

Abandoned construction

A sadly abandoned construction in city centre of Cascais. A rather common sight these days. Get up Portugal!

Against the sun

A red old Ford Fiesta parked alongside an empty road leading into Cascais town.

Forbidden bikini

A young good looking woman displayed on a advertising billboard next to a swimsuite shop.

Long Shadows and hunting for food

A group of family members wandering around the port of Cascais hunting for food on a quite evening.

After the show

A group of friends after watching a dance performance on a square in Cascais.

The beach

Shot from a beach in Cascais taken on full, bright daylight.

Much needed!

A row of white sunws of white sunshades providing some appreciated shadow in the unforgiving portuguese afternoon sun.

Our car in the burning sun

Very mundane shot of our smart cart. It must have been 40°C tside that day.


Some colourful tiles alongside a traffic congested road in Lisbon.


In this building on one of the most central squares in Lisbon, resides the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Sea. is it always the Governments who reside in the most beautiful palaces?


View from Portugals "Neuschwanstein" castle, as it is described in the guide books. In reality the castle has been built when Portuegese power in Europe (and the world for arguments sake) was already on the decline. However, of course it is built in a pretty location and the castle itself has some noticable tweeks and corners.

A corner

Inside the castle previously described. It's actually much smaller than, let's say, french castles. But then the french where probaly even more mad than the portuguese!

Three arches

Also here you can see the typical tiles used everywhere. The use of somehow profane tiles in a castle built for the royal family is actualy surprising.


The monastery that goes along every nice castle of a good catholic family.

Flying pashmina

Two locals walking across the Praca de Comércio, gleich neben dem Patio da galé vorbei.


... downhill after dinner on Calcada Sacramento.

Blow dry

An 80's type shot on top of a tourist bus (touristy, but good thing really as it is very easy to get along with and from place to place!)

Wife beater!

Now that I'm married, I absolutely need one of these shirts. And a belly. And a bum bag. And sandals.

Now that I think about it, this is the man suiting clichés like no one else...! This is a great picture!

The tourist!

A much needed shot form Tram 28.


Or is it 1UP?

Red Firehose

Frankly, can't remember 100% where exactly this was taken. It must be down at the sea next to Av. Índia or Av. Marginal.

Credit Card

No, the title is absolutely not relevant. But the credit card in questions actually plays a minor role: Just after taking this shot, I found one lying on the floor in front of me. It was one issued by the Banco Espirito Santo. And yes, before you ask - of course I took it back (before buying myself a great dinner, not!)

Evening drinks

A nice shot against the sunlight in our hotel.

Walking tour

We learned quite a bit of things about Portuguese history Lisbon during our three hours walk from our tourguide Rosanna.

Tram 28...

...oh well, you just have to picture them!

Bridge view

Shot en passant...