A red umbrella in various locations across Paris.


Some views from my travels in China.


Since around 1980 China has undertaken a breathtaking development which of course is remarkable to achieve. Some visits to factories in China show how people work and live on the premises and how the actual China looks like - outside of Beijing, Shanghai


A continuation of the series started last spring in Paris, France.


Thailand und seine arbeitenden Menschen. Alle arbeiten, immer, überall. Nicht nur in Bangkok, das finanzielle Zentrum Thailands, sondern auch in kleineren Städten zeigt sich das Bild des äusserst fleissigen, cleveren und Geschäftstüchtigen Thais.


A train ride from Milano to Padova, Italy. And other pictures.


Album from a short trip to New Zealand, November 2014. Route covered was Christchurch - Kaikoura - Picton - Nelson - Westport - Greymouth - Christchurch


Trip to Iceland during summer 2014.



Weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.


Zürich, My Hometown


Trip to Peru, October 2015


Trip to Vancouver, Canada.